August 17, 2003
Moved to TypePad   [English]

I just moved my English blog to TypePad at TypePad looks good and couldn't wait exploring TypePad more!

Previous entries have been successfully transferred. Good job, Ben and Mena.

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Entrepreneurship in young gets deflated   [English]

I've got the source of the research, which I mentioned in the previous etnry. The research was reported in Japanese but I created its summary here.

Survey: Attitude to jobs and workplace of FY2003 Regular new-hired employees

The survey was done by those who attened the job training course Sanno Institute of Management offered in March and April in 2003. 462 out of 600 attendees answered the survey.

Summary: 2003 new hired seem to have decreased aspiration of challenging, due to the long recession of Japanese economy with little hope. These new hired prefer staying at large firms rather than starting ventures so that they want to acquire skills valid at large firms. Majority of these new-hired want to end up becoming directors at large firms, showing they long for stabilization of life. They look very conservative.

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August 07, 2003
Young Japanese get more conservative, less entrepreneurial?   [English]

A couple days ago, I read an article in newspaper saying that those who graduated from colleges and started working last year were the most conservative in terms of their career. I don't remember exactly when the newspaper reported but at least Nikkei Newspaper covered this in this week.

According to the article, these people expect the most to maintain the life-time employment system this year among the past several years. These young people are very worried to be losing their job.

There is another article, reported a couple of weeks ago, saying that more young workers would choose to work overtime rather than go out for dating if their boss tells them to do something even after five. Not so many Middle age people, like 30s, wouldn't work overtime as these young people do.

Japan (and its economy) really needs more entrepreneurs, but young people may not be the source for that requirement. So, who is gonna be? Foreigners?

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July 30, 2003
My bio   [About me, English]

I ended up writing a bit about myself when I got my TypePad beta site available.

I think I will add some more at times.

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July 16, 2003
GPS is accurate, but map info is not?   [Blogging, English, Moblogging, Technology]

In Shibuya, looking over Shibuya StationI just bought au's A5401CA cell phone with digicam. The good thing is that it can attach location info to photos via au's GPS functionality. Cool.

Here is a moblogged pic taken at Shibuya, Tokyo, with location info. The cell phone automatically attaches the map info, but there is a finding re: the location info. Given the geographic position such as longitude, the location is displayed at different points depending on maps. Here are samples.


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July 13, 2003
"Bubble" generation and "Post-bubble" generation   [English]

I just came up with an idea about the difference between the "Bubble" generation, who started working in the bubble economy around late 80's and early 90's, and the "Post-bubble" generation, who started in mid 90's or later. The bubble generation is attributed to "Easy to act but less thinking", although the post-bubble is "Too thinking to act".

I think this really applies especially to guys. I remember that a young ex-coworker tried to explain about what's the coaching is. He believes that he really needs an opportunity to believe his idea to be really good, which usually needs someone's admission. But his senior peers simply asked a question "how do we need it?" and added "I do if I feel I wanna do".

Bottom line: Important is the balance.

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Justin's article about 1IMC   [Blogging, English, Technology]

Here's Justin's article about 1IMC.

Rehearsing the Future: First International Moblogging Conference Report By Justin Hall, Jul 08 2003

As increasing numbers of people begin mobile multimedia broadcasts from around the world, we will be tying cyberspace to meat space, further intertwining the internet with our lived experiences.

I'm gonna read it.

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July 12, 2003
Hangout with IDEO people   [English]

IDEO LOGOLast night I happened to hang out with some IDEO people happening to come to Tokyo for a week. Suda-san asked them to drop by. Thanks, suda-san.

Folks, please post your comments here!


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July 10, 2003
An idea about moblogging (posted in Japanese on Apr 23)   [Blogging, English]

The following is translation of my entry posted on Apr 23 in Japanese. I decided to translate since I am motivated by 1IMC, a blogger just made a trackback to that entry yesterday.

I think many of things are already available, but hope it may create something more.

I had wrote an article about moblog, but not had a chance of making it public. Today, Hirata's moblogging web service is coming alive. In response to that, I simply decided to publish it.

In summary, the story is that today's moblogging is expected to be used in very limited situations such as:

  • Only authors can "moblog"
  • Only entries can be moblogged
  • Only posting is discussed due to a poor cellphone browser

The following is a memo I had wrote based upon thoughts above.

  • necessary to enable a cellphone browser to read blogs easily
  • In order for everyone to upload pics to the blog, posting can be done via email
  • allow anyone to post pics. not only for authors to create entries
  • For instance, when you press a button "posting via email" on a blog, then your cellphone will receive an email. You can reply to it with pics attached, then pics will be posted automatically (can be anonymous posting)
  • Anonymity may let some people post "inappropriate" pics (MovableType 2.6 incorporates "sanitize" functionality to prevent this)
  • But comments without pics are not so fun. So, pics will appear on a blog only when an author "censors" pics and permits to show pics (notification should be generated by the blog software). Note that pics should be posted in storage under supervision by the authors of the blog, since if pics are on remote storage, pics could be replaced with "uncensored" pics after the permission.

    It was just a thought, but since there are some "dangerous" ideas, so I temporarily post it here in my private blogspace.

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    JOI Activities   [English, Fun]

    JOI: To Promote Overseas Investment and International Cooperation -- oh looks as it were Joi.

    JoiJoiJOI collects and analyzes a wide range of information from relative domestic and foreign institutions. Through the utilization and distribution of information beneficial for foreign direct investment, JOI aims to promote foreign direct investment from our country and international economic exchanges.

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    July 09, 2003
    Reputation to give credibility to the blog   [Blogging, English]

    As I mentioned before, the difference between the established media and the blog comes from the credibility to the public. The credibility to the meia has been gained for not a short period of time, so it is not easy to give it to the blog in short time. Thus, we need some mechanism to make it possible shorter than the normal way.

    Nature of the blog is based upon "the friend of a friend" approach. This is how people make friends over time. But I focus on the structure of the social network, some influential "hub" people usually maintain a small group with some friends, and the relation between hub people really makes "spoke" people link with another "spoke" people in different groups. These "hub" people have strong influence on the reputation of other people. So, why don't we implement this in the mechanism for blog reputation.


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    July 06, 2003
    Leaflets of condominiums in central Tokyo   [Current Topics, English, Japan]

    Gorgeous condo priced from JPY 104 million to JPY 302 millionThese days, there are so many leaflets of condos with newspaper. AVG of 10 or so are usually posted. These condos are usually located in Central Tokyo and priced around $500k but quite often over $1MM. I heard the more expensive, the sooner sold out. Due to the very low interest rate, I heard houses and condos are selling very well in the U.S. as well.

    I heard that the U.S. economy seems picking up. Stock prices look stronger. Money seems to come back to investment. I was wondering if the same in Japan...

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    The blog & social networking   [English]

    Connecting networksAfter the 1st International Moblogging Conference, there was a networking opporutnity at the same club. It was really nice seeing people from various countries talking together. But it was regrettable that not so many Japanese(well, compared to the number of Japanese attendees to 1IMC) came to know more about other mobloggers. I wish, as a part of the host country, more Japanese came and showed the biggest hospitality.

    I talked with Mie about the thought behind this phenomenon. I feel the speed of the network effect within Japanese blogs is slower than that in English blogs, which reflects lacks of experiences of networking activities in real life, doesn't it?

    As you noticed, I am not a bilingual nor English speaker so it is not easy to talk in English, especially in a loud. But it is such opportunities, I believe, that "serendipity", as many mentioned in the conference, happens. Especially "hub" people get together and connect social networks by accident, but such meetings sometimes breed something. This is what I always expect in my life. New findings! Without them I would get bored and die.

    Maybe I should have been a part of volunteers that ran the wonderful conference and asked more Japanese to come. Gen said no Japanese were members of it. This time, too late. Hope next time.

    Overall, I have really enjoyed whole the conference. Many thanks to those who organized the conference.

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    July 05, 2003
    Int'l Moblogging Conference in Tokyo   [Blogging, English]

    1IMC LogoIt's exciting the 1st International Moblogging Conference has been taking place in Tokyo.
    Wow, I guess more than 100 people, not only from Japan but all around the world, came and talked about the moblogging.

    Even a moderator took pics during a panel...No wonder everybody, including speakers, take photos before, during, and after their speech. There is a Wi-Fi network so that people "could" be connected to blog - unfortunately being set up available only for Macintosh users :(

    The conference is now taking a break for the night session - which begins at 8pm going on until the dawn (I guess).

    If you're in Tokyo, please come to SuperDeluxe in Roppongi and welcome those who came to Tokyo! I'll be there and post photos taken there after I come home.


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    July 04, 2003
    SARS detector?   [English, Travel]

    I encountered the SARS detector at Narita Airport in Tokyo

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    June 18, 2003
    Tokyo named costliest city in world   [Current Topics, English]

    Some papers reported that Tokyo has replaced Hong Kong as the world's "most expensive city" title. The survery, which is about the cost-of-living including housing, food, transportation and entertainment, is from foreigners' point of view.


    Top 20 Cities (with last year's ranking):
    1. Tokyo, Japan (3)
    2. Moscow, Russia (2)
    3. Osaka, Japan (6)
    4. Hong Kong, China (1)
    5. Beijing, China (4)
    6. Geneva, Switzerland (28)
    7. London, U.K. (10)
    8. Seoul, South Korea (9)
    9. Zurich, Switzerland (32)
    10. New York, United States (7)
    11. Shanghai, China (5)
    12. St. Petersburg, Russia (8)
    13. Oslo, Norway (40)
    14. Hanoi, Vietnam (11)
    15. Copenhagen, Denmark (62)
    16. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (14)
    17. Milan, Italy (63)
    18. Shenzen (13) and Guangzhou, China (11) (tied)
    20. White Plains, United States (16)


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    May 25, 2003
    Can't take photos in Starbucks? Afraid not.   [Copyright and Journalism, English]
    From Lessig blog dear Starbucks, say it ain't true?

    So I have this from an extremely reliable source, who vouches totally for the facts that follow.

    Story one: Last month while visiting Charleston, three women went into a Starbucks. They were spending the weekend together and one of them had a disposable camera with her. To commemorate their time with one and other they decided to take round robin pictures while sitting around communing. The manager evidently careened out of control, screaming at them, “Didn't they know it was illegal to take photographs in a Starbucks. She insisted that she had to have the disposable camera because this was an absolute violation of Starbuck's copyright of their entire ‘environment'--that everything in the place is protected and cannot be used with Starbuck's express permission.


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    May 24, 2003
    Trusted Trackback (2) : simplest case   [Blogging, English]

    I've been thinking of the role of the trackback since I mentioned about the idea of Trusted Trackback.

    Let's start with the role of the trackback. Imagine trackbacks between weblogs, not entries. A trackback is like asking an appointment without any reference, or “hi I'm here, please look at me.” If your blog accept trackbacks, you will find something from trackbacks. But the mechanism to select really useful information out of bunch of trackbacks will make things get easier. I want to make the trusted trackback help realize this.


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    May 23, 2003
    Public Domain   [Blogging, English]
    Lawrence Lessig Blog we need your help

    About a month ago, I started sounding optimistic about getting a bill introduced into Congress to help right the wrong of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act. I was optimistic because we had found a congressperson who was willing to introduce the bill. But after pressure from lobbyists, that is no longer clear. And so we need help to counter that pressure, and to find a sponsor.

    The idea is a simple one: Fifty years after a work has been published, the copyright owner must pay a $1 maintanence fee. If the copyright owner pays the fee, then the copyright continues. If the owner fails to pay the fee, the work passes into the public domain. Based on historical precedent, we expect 98% of copyrighted works would pass into the public domain after just 50 years. They could keep Mickey for as long as Congress lets them. But we would get a public domain.

    I can't do anything but blogging, since I am not in the US, but hope it helps.

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    Giant company, life-time employment, and stability   [English, Entrepreneurship]

    I don't remember what was the source of these survey results, but was surprised at the recent survey showing that the largest number of young Japanese people who just started working for a company showed the preference for the stability of employment: working for large companies under the life-time employment system. Under such economic environments, even big companies don't guarantee the stability of the employment, but for young "salaried people" they believe the bigger the company they work for, the more stable conditions will be.

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    May 22, 2003
    Presentation on [email protected] PC Users Group   [Blogging, English]
    Tokyo PC Users Group

    Presentation on Blogging
    Thursday, June 5

    TPC's own Stuart Woodward will discuss web blogs in all its glorious detail. Please join us for the presentation and discussion afterwards.

    Venue: Tokyo Union Church in Omotesando. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
    meeting starts at 7:00, presentation begins at 7:45. TPC Members are free, guests are 1,000 yen.

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    May 18, 2003
    Why isn't MovableType "open source"?   [English, Movable Type]

    I have been wondering why MovableType is not "open source". Six Apart announced TypePad, which is designed to capture more people who don't have their weblogs now, by offering user-friendly tools, according to the press release.

    It seems to me that Six Apart expects more revenues from TypePad than MovableType. If so, making MovableType be open source to let others develop MT really makes more sense to me than making efforts on further development under supervision of Six Apart's very limited resources.


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    May 17, 2003
    "Matrix Reloaded" breaks opening day record   [Current Topics, English]

    "Matrix Reloaded" just came out yesterday in the United States...

    'Matrix Reloaded' Sets Opening Day Record ( Reuters Friday, May 16, 2003; 2:38 PM By Bob Tourtellotte

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "The Matrix Reloaded," the movie produced by AOL Time Warner's Warner Bros. studio, raked in a record $42.5 million at domestic box offices in its first day, box office watchers said on Friday.

    The science fiction thriller surpassed last year's smash hit "Spider-Man."

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    May 14, 2003
    Technorati API released   [Blogging, English]
    Technorati API 0.9 I'm proud to announce the first public release of the Technorati API, the application programming interface to Technorati's weblog index and search engine.
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    blogging, journalism, links and trackbacks   [Blogging, English]

    As I quoted an article about NY Times' plagiarism, I was thinking about the difference in authority of between traditional news sources and the weblog. A couple of days later, I had a chance of having lunch with Joi Ito and Dan Gillmor. Joi was talking about the journalism and blogging and mentioning that traditional newspapers should be separated into two entities: journalism and printing. It led to a discussion how we create a better democratic system.


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    May 07, 2003
    "Tawawa": Japan-focused English weblog by "normal" Japanese   [Blogging, English]

    For those who want to know more about Japan, Japanese culture, or Japanese thought, visit tawawa. Led by an English teacherRudolf, Tawawa is a blog by a group of undergrads at Mie Univ who study English.

    Unlike many Japan-focused weglogs by foreigners or bilinguals, tawawa is a weblog where "normal" Japanese people express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

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    April 16, 2003
    Any Free Public Wireless Lan Project?   [English, Technology]

    Understanding the potential vulnerability of Wi-Fi, I wondered if anyone develops the project that offers "Free W-LAN Network" using wireless access points installed in households.

    I just checked out a couple of websites using google, but didn't find appropriate ones.

    Hotspot-Locations may be one, but doesn't seem to me that's it. Do you have any idea?

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    April 13, 2003
    Asian Cafe Cha-ka-ma   [English, Restaurants, Restaurants (Cafe)]

    Asian Cafe Cha-ka-maToday, I went to a limited-period Asian cafe Cha-ka-ma in Sasaduka, Shibuya-ku. There were two reasons to go there. The number one is to make over a book, a Japanese translated version of "Linked" by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, to hirosh, who produced this cafe.
    The other, and the best, is to see two famous gadgeters, who blog gadgets a lot, meet.

    The gadgeters are hirosh and minami, witnessed by me and yuki.


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    April 12, 2003
    Trip memories with Lonely Planet Guidebooks   [English, Travel]

    Lonely Planets!I always bring a Lonely Planet guidebook with a Japanese guidebook when I make a trip.

    Unlike Japanese ones which are full of neat photos, Lonely Planet books are packed with many letters with a few photos. However, LP really gives me interesting information, especially history, about the region I am visiting. Fun.

    LPs in my bookshelf sometimes remind me of the past trips and let me take a photos of all LPs I brought except for books missing or given to local people.


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    April 10, 2003
    Desktop Blog   [Blogging, English]

    As I described in a previous entry (sorry only in Japanese), the screenshot left above is from my media server that is used to play music (full screen shot).

    The screenshot is captured in every 10 seconds and copied to the server of this blog. In the screen, the weather forecast from TBS is located in the right and the news ticker from Nikkei Net in the bottom.

    I am trying this for a chance of adding other messages on the desktop in the future.

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    April 09, 2003
    Full newsfeed (or RDF/RSS)   [Blogging, English]

    Thanks to Joi, I set up the meta data file for syndication using RSS 2.0. I will make some modification since MovableType doesn't seem to output appropriate date format when the locale is Japanese...

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    April 08, 2003
    Business Review Rhapsody?   [Books, English]

    Globis Management ReviewRecently, there are some "Business Review" magazines appearing here in Japan. For instance, PHP Business Reviewwill soon appear (est. April 2003) or Globis Management Review(GMR)just came out (est. December 2002).

    I know it began with Harvard Business Review(HBR), but there are so many magazines like this that who really wants to read this sort of "smart" magazines...

    So, I started to look for a magazine like this, there exist so many "HBR"...


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    Today's Evangelism on blogging   [Blogging, English]

    UIEvolution's Nakajima-san was evangelized to become a blogger, thanks to Hirata-san and Minami-san from Neoteny.

    Nakajima-san, or Satoshi, got so interested in blogging that he will probably make lots of contribution to the client environment of the blog.

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    English blogging launched   [Blogging, English, Individual]

    I finally decided to start English blogging. It was only a few weeks to lose abilities to speak English since I left the US... I am still okay to speak English, but started being bothered to READ English. That's why I read Joi's blog these days.

    Iraqi war also gave me a chance of listening to English, since I watch CNN news on TV these days, as if I started heavily watching CNN after 911 in 2001.

    On Joi's and Suda-san's blog, I feel very free to make comments in English to their English entries.

    Now, time to go beyond. I will set up a separeted blog from my Japanese blog, by using "category archive" functionality given by MovableType. Thanks to Ben and Mena.

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    April 07, 2003
    Record your journey on map!   [English, Travel]

    Indy JuniorIn Joi's blog, there is an interesting "flash" software named Indy Junior. It draws a map like you travelling on the world map when you input your itineraries using XML format.


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