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July 1, 2003

Internet Check-inの続き

昨日書いたEasy Check-inに似た話が、今日のUSA Today掲載されていた。

Some can check in 30 hours before flight

By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY

Some airline passengers can check in online from their home or office up to 30 hours before their flights. Some travelers have reservations about that. "Who needs 30 hours to check in for a flight? With all that time, I'd probably forget if I checked in or not," says Scott Galas, a manger for an industrial safety company in Orlando.

記事によると、Northwest, Continental, Alaskaは30時間、US Airways, Delta, AirTran, Midwest, Unitedは24時間前から、インターネットで搭乗手続きが可能。ただしAmericanは12時間前なので、行きと帰りの間にインターネットにアクセスできないような日帰りビジネス客から「24時間前から可能なら使うかもしれない」とコメントされている。

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July 2, 2003




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What a beautiful day!


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Charles River, Boston, July 2003

July 4, 2003




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SARS detector?

I encountered the SARS detector at Narita Airport in Tokyo



July 5, 2003

Int'l Moblogging Conference in Tokyo

1IMC LogoIt's exciting the 1st International Moblogging Conference has been taking place in Tokyo.
Wow, I guess more than 100 people, not only from Japan but all around the world, came and talked about the moblogging.

Even a moderator took pics during a panel...No wonder everybody, including speakers, take photos before, during, and after their speech. There is a Wi-Fi network so that people "could" be connected to blog - unfortunately being set up available only for Macintosh users :(

The conference is now taking a break for the night session - which begins at 8pm going on until the dawn (I guess).

If you're in Tokyo, please come to SuperDeluxe in Roppongi and welcome those who came to Tokyo! I'll be there and post photos taken there after I come home.

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July 6, 2003

The blog & social networking

Connecting networksAfter the 1st International Moblogging Conference, there was a networking opporutnity at the same club. It was really nice seeing people from various countries talking together. But it was regrettable that not so many Japanese(well, compared to the number of Japanese attendees to 1IMC) came to know more about other mobloggers. I wish, as a part of the host country, more Japanese came and showed the biggest hospitality.

I talked with Mie about the thought behind this phenomenon. I feel the speed of the network effect within Japanese blogs is slower than that in English blogs, which reflects lacks of experiences of networking activities in real life, doesn't it?

As you noticed, I am not a bilingual nor English speaker so it is not easy to talk in English, especially in a loud. But it is such opportunities, I believe, that "serendipity", as many mentioned in the conference, happens. Especially "hub" people get together and connect social networks by accident, but such meetings sometimes breed something. This is what I always expect in my life. New findings! Without them I would get bored and die.

Maybe I should have been a part of volunteers that ran the wonderful conference and asked more Japanese to come. Gen said no Japanese were members of it. This time, too late. Hope next time.

Overall, I have really enjoyed whole the conference. Many thanks to those who organized the conference.

Leaflets of condominiums in central Tokyo

Gorgeous condo priced from JPY 104 million to JPY 302 millionThese days, there are so many leaflets of condos with newspaper. AVG of 10 or so are usually posted. These condos are usually located in Central Tokyo and priced around $500k but quite often over $1MM. I heard the more expensive, the sooner sold out. Due to the very low interest rate, I heard houses and condos are selling very well in the U.S. as well.

I heard that the U.S. economy seems picking up. Stock prices look stronger. Money seems to come back to investment. I was wondering if the same in Japan...

July 7, 2003



July 9, 2003

Reputation to give credibility to the blog

As I mentioned before, the difference between the established media and the blog comes from the credibility to the public. The credibility to the meia has been gained for not a short period of time, so it is not easy to give it to the blog in short time. Thus, we need some mechanism to make it possible shorter than the normal way.

Nature of the blog is based upon "the friend of a friend" approach. This is how people make friends over time. But I focus on the structure of the social network, some influential "hub" people usually maintain a small group with some friends, and the relation between hub people really makes "spoke" people link with another "spoke" people in different groups. These "hub" people have strong influence on the reputation of other people. So, why don't we implement this in the mechanism for blog reputation.

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July 10, 2003

JOI Activities

JOI: To Promote Overseas Investment and International Cooperation -- oh looks as it were Joi.

JoiJoiJOI collects and analyzes a wide range of information from relative domestic and foreign institutions. Through the utilization and distribution of information beneficial for foreign direct investment, JOI aims to promote foreign direct investment from our country and international economic exchanges.

三日坊主 on the blog



An idea about moblogging (posted in Japanese on Apr 23)

The following is translation of my entry posted on Apr 23 in Japanese. I decided to translate since I am motivated by 1IMC, a blogger just made a trackback to that entry yesterday.

I think many of things are already available, but hope it may create something more.

I had wrote an article about moblog, but not had a chance of making it public. Today, Hirata's moblogging web service is coming alive. In response to that, I simply decided to publish it.

In summary, the story is that today's moblogging is expected to be used in very limited situations such as:

  • Only authors can "moblog"
  • Only entries can be moblogged
  • Only posting is discussed due to a poor cellphone browser

The following is a memo I had wrote based upon thoughts above.

  • necessary to enable a cellphone browser to read blogs easily
  • In order for everyone to upload pics to the blog, posting can be done via email
  • allow anyone to post pics. not only for authors to create entries
  • For instance, when you press a button "posting via email" on a blog, then your cellphone will receive an email. You can reply to it with pics attached, then pics will be posted automatically (can be anonymous posting)
  • Anonymity may let some people post "inappropriate" pics (MovableType 2.6 incorporates "sanitize" functionality to prevent this)
  • But comments without pics are not so fun. So, pics will appear on a blog only when an author "censors" pics and permits to show pics (notification should be generated by the blog software). Note that pics should be posted in storage under supervision by the authors of the blog, since if pics are on remote storage, pics could be replaced with "uncensored" pics after the permission.

    It was just a thought, but since there are some "dangerous" ideas, so I temporarily post it here in my private blogspace.

  • July 11, 2003

    Sharp Mebius、とうとう起動しなくなりました

    Unknown Hard Error?昨年12月から使っているシャープのMebius PC-MM1-H1W

    利用開始3カ月目あたりから、よく突然リブートがかかるという現象が頻発するようになる。マイクロソフト オンライン クラッシュ ダンプ解析サービスによると、毎回「デバイスドライバの不具合ですが、よく分かりません」という、頼りない回答。それでも、突然のリブートは怖いので、根気良くデバイスドライバをアンインストールしていったが、PCは一向に安定せず。

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    支援求ム: Moblogging Conf.で通訳レシーバーが紛失

    1IMC Logo先週の土曜に開催された第1回インターナショナル・モブロギング・カンファレンスで、同時通訳用レシーバーが7個紛失したそうです。

    カンファレンスの夜に開催された懇親会で、一口1000円 or 2000円で寄付を募っていましたが、1台が3万円以上するらしく、現状ではカバーし切れていないそうです。


    サポートをお考えの方は、[email protected]まで!

    July 12, 2003


    備忘録。Post2blog (Perl版)発見

    http://www.hugsan.com/EXIFutils/index.htmlに含まれているexiflistを/usr/local/binに置いておくと、添付写真の位置情報が反映されます。 でもってMEncoderとffmpegを入れておくとムービーメールをmpegにしてサムネールを作ってくれますが、説明が長くなるのでまたの機会に。

    Hangout with IDEO people

    IDEO LOGOLast night I happened to hang out with some IDEO people happening to come to Tokyo for a week. Suda-san asked them to drop by. Thanks, suda-san.

    Folks, please post your comments here!

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    July 13, 2003

    今日のシャンパン「Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut」

    veuve1.jpgveuve2.jpg出張後の1週間だったことと、PCが壊れたことから、延び延びになっていた「今日のシャンパン」。今回はVeuve Clicquotです(飲んだのは実際には先週7/4です)。

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    今日の瓶内二次発酵ワイン「Petalo Moscato」

    petalo1.jpgpetalo2.jpg今度はイタリアの「Petalo Moscato」。こちらは7/6ですね。

    今日のシャンパン「Lanson Black Label Brut」

    lanson1.jpglanson2.jpgやっと追いつきました。昨晩飲んだ「Lanson Black Label Brut」。

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    Justin's article about 1IMC

    Here's Justin's article about 1IMC.

    Rehearsing the Future: First International Moblogging Conference Report By Justin Hall, Jul 08 2003

    As increasing numbers of people begin mobile multimedia broadcasts from around the world, we will be tying cyberspace to meat space, further intertwining the internet with our lived experiences.

    I'm gonna read it.

    "Bubble" generation and "Post-bubble" generation

    I just came up with an idea about the difference between the "Bubble" generation, who started working in the bubble economy around late 80's and early 90's, and the "Post-bubble" generation, who started in mid 90's or later. The bubble generation is attributed to "Easy to act but less thinking", although the post-bubble is "Too thinking to act".

    I think this really applies especially to guys. I remember that a young ex-coworker tried to explain about what's the coaching is. He believes that he really needs an opportunity to believe his idea to be really good, which usually needs someone's admission. But his senior peers simply asked a question "how do we need it?" and added "I do if I feel I wanna do".

    Bottom line: Important is the balance.

    July 14, 2003




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    July 16, 2003

    GPS is accurate, but map info is not?

    In Shibuya, looking over Shibuya StationI just bought au's A5401CA cell phone with digicam. The good thing is that it can attach location info to photos via au's GPS functionality. Cool.

    Here is a moblogged pic taken at Shibuya, Tokyo, with location info. The cell phone automatically attaches the map info, but there is a finding re: the location info. Given the geographic position such as longitude, the location is displayed at different points depending on maps. Here are samples.

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    July 21, 2003


    netomat logo


    似たようなソフトにはGEのImagination at Work(なぜか製品が見つからないので、創庵のデモ画面)などがある。こうした共有環境は、アイデアを持ち寄るときには大きな効果があるが、どうしても言葉(音声)でのインタラクションがほしくなる。


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    July 29, 2003


    ECCP(Eccentric Creatures Club Page)。マジメなんだか、ちゃかしているのか分かりませんが、とりあえず楽しめました。

    特にニュースのクリッピングであるEccentric Creaturs Contemporary NEWS。玉石混交ですが、気づくと全部読んでいる自分が…

    July 30, 2003



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    My bio

    I ended up writing a bit about myself when I got my TypePad beta site available.

    I think I will add some more at times.

    July 31, 2003




    株式会社NTTドコモ北陸(代表取締役社長:菅原 光宏)は、FOMAのテレビ電話機能を利用した新しい映像コミュニケーションの拡大を目的に、本格的なサービスに先立ち、2003年7月30日(水)から9月30日(火)までの間、ライブ中継サービスを試行実施することといたします。

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    しかし、虫歯になりにくい人は歯周病になりやすい!、と言われて、3カ月から半年に1回、定期健診を受けています。定期健診のときに一緒にお願いするのが、PMTC(Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning)というものです。

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    2週間ほど前に壊れたMebiusですが、あれだけブルースクリーンでハードウエア・エラーを主張していたWindowsXP Proですが、奈良にまで送られたMebiusの診断結果はWindowsXPの不具合とのことで、Mebiusはリカバリーディスクでまっさらになって帰って参りました。

    もともとCrusoeの予想以上の遅さに辟易していたところもあり、これを気に新しいマシンに移行しようと昨日思いつき、夕方に何台かのマシンを触ってみた結果、発売から2カ月弱経っていますが、もともとVAIO C1ユーザーであることもあり(実は現役)、ソニーのVAIO TRにしょうと決意したのでした。

    TRの不満としては、WindowsがXP Homeである点と、DVDは書き込みできないというところでしたが、カメラもありC1ユーザー的には問題ないレベル。

    しかも、SonyStyleには、XP Proを搭載してOfficeは搭載しないモデルTR1/P[WORKS]があり、SonyStyleに徐々にはまっている自分としては「もうこれしかない」という状況。Sony Card & Elioで即ゲット、というところまで来たのですが…

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    XPのせい? それともメーカーのせい?


    しかし、Mebiusのサポートページを見たところ、なんと昨日付でBIOSがアップグレードされているという表示…。そういえば、前もService Pack 1が出た後、作業中突然リブートする症状が出るようになり、1カ月ぐらいしたら、突然BIOSがアップグレードされた記憶が…。


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