Young Japanese get more conservative, less entrepreneurial?

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A couple days ago, I read an article in newspaper saying that those who graduated from colleges and started working last year were the most conservative in terms of their career. I don't remember exactly when the newspaper reported but at least Nikkei Newspaper covered this in this week.

According to the article, these people expect the most to maintain the life-time employment system this year among the past several years. These young people are very worried to be losing their job.

There is another article, reported a couple of weeks ago, saying that more young workers would choose to work overtime rather than go out for dating if their boss tells them to do something even after five. Not so many Middle age people, like 30s, wouldn't work overtime as these young people do.

Japan (and its economy) really needs more entrepreneurs, but young people may not be the source for that requirement. So, who is gonna be? Foreigners?

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