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As I mentioned before, the difference between the established media and the blog comes from the credibility to the public. The credibility to the meia has been gained for not a short period of time, so it is not easy to give it to the blog in short time. Thus, we need some mechanism to make it possible shorter than the normal way.

Nature of the blog is based upon "the friend of a friend" approach. This is how people make friends over time. But I focus on the structure of the social network, some influential "hub" people usually maintain a small group with some friends, and the relation between hub people really makes "spoke" people link with another "spoke" people in different groups. These "hub" people have strong influence on the reputation of other people. So, why don't we implement this in the mechanism for blog reputation.

An idea is to give the repository of the reputation to the blog of such "hub" people.

There are some categories that help make the mechanism.


  • Blog's popularity (# of incoming links to the blog's top page?)

  • Popularity By category


  • Voting (blog, by category, by post)

  • Freshness (time?)

  • Frequency?

I need to make myself concentrate on it. I just write this as a memo for myself, but feedbacks and comments are welcome!

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