Today's Evangelism on blogging

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UIEvolution's Nakajima-san was evangelized to become a blogger, thanks to Hirata-san and Minami-san from Neoteny.

Nakajima-san, or Satoshi, got so interested in blogging that he will probably make lots of contribution to the client environment of the blog.

関 信浩のアップデートをFacebookページで受け取れます!!


nob seki

He started his blogging. I will show the url of his after he's ready.

Satoshi Nakajima

Seki-san, thank you for the introduction to Neotoney and blog. I am now a regular blogger.

nob seki

I'm quite happy seeing you blogging regularly!


Very nice blog

Tenzer Heather

Only when we have nothing to say do we say anything at all.