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Hangout with IDEO people

IDEO LOGOLast night I happened to hang out with some IDEO people happening to come to Tokyo for a week. Suda-san asked them to drop by. Thanks, suda-san.

Folks, please post your comments here!

BTW, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to read a Business Week's article that IDEO has been awarded most at IDEA.

From IDEO website about the awards

Each year, the best in design is honored with the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America and sponsored by Business Week. In 2003 IDEO has topped the IDEA list again, winning eight awards in research, user interfaces, consumer products, and medical devices.



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It was a great fun, wasn't it? The gathering was organized by yuki-san and sato-san. I would like to thank them for bringing together such diverse mix of cool and interesting people!

I didn't realize that your English blog content was different from that of Japanese blog. I'll start visiting your English pages more often.


Thanks for the comment, suda-san.

Yes, it is sato-san and yuki who organized the gathering. I appreciate that, too.

Writing blogs in English was actually inspired by your blog when you suddenly started blogging in English. Blogging really inspires something, doesn't it!

Nob, a good friend of mine, Charles Warren, is with Ideo in San Fran. If he comes to Tokyo anytime soon I will do my best to introduce you to him.

Gen, sounds great! I really look forward to it!




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