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Int'l Moblogging Conference in Tokyo

1IMC LogoIt's exciting the 1st International Moblogging Conference has been taking place in Tokyo.
Wow, I guess more than 100 people, not only from Japan but all around the world, came and talked about the moblogging.

Even a moderator took pics during a panel...No wonder everybody, including speakers, take photos before, during, and after their speech. There is a Wi-Fi network so that people "could" be connected to blog - unfortunately being set up available only for Macintosh users :(

The conference is now taking a break for the night session - which begins at 8pm going on until the dawn (I guess).

If you're in Tokyo, please come to SuperDeluxe in Roppongi and welcome those who came to Tokyo! I'll be there and post photos taken there after I come home.

Others who covered 1IMC are:

And last of all, you were a fantastic MC, Adam. Great job!



この一覧は、次のエントリーを参照しています: Int'l Moblogging Conference in Tokyo:

» moblog.uva.ne.jp の発表 送信元 dh's memoranda
I published my presentation about moblog.uva.ne.jp at 1imc, Jul/2003. moblog.uva.ne.jp did experiment with SONY/ImageStation using Movable Type Weblogging, ImageStation, and mobile phone. (In Japanese) [詳しくはこちら]

» its on! 送信元 MOBLOG.schee.info
Live presentation from Alan Bradburne, the creator of phlog.net.... [詳しくはこちら]

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SuperDeluxe at night!
Stephanie and Rajiv doing internship in Tokyo.
Three Buddhist priests came over to a bar in Tokyo. So shinning as their future!
Frog? Oh Phlog! I'm Japanese so no difference b/w R & L :p

Seki-san, very good to finally meet you. Please note my blogging of the 1IMC conference at Marginwalker.


Thanks, man! It was exhasuting, but clearly worthwhile. I'm glad so many people seemed to get so much out of the conference - and all this arising from an offhanded comment I made to Joi Ito at an antiwar demo in Feburary!

I have posted a few notes as well:



Hey guys, thanks for coming.

It was really a good conference. I'll try to get something out of it! First, I am buying a new cellcam with GPS!


I heard moblogger Alan finally bought a new digi cam Pentax Optio S, because of my evangelism ;) (not of blogging because is's in Japanese)




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